Monday, February 18, 2013

My Hope


My Hope
(Prayer for the New Year)

As I lay me down to sleep...........
I pray My Hope my Heart to keep
If I die before I wake
I pray My Hope my Heart to take..........

But when I wake, I pray my Heart My Hope remake.......

In my Hope My Heart shall rest
And renew from last year's tests.......
If my Hope is true and strong
I pray My Heart will carry on

Let my Hope be deep and pure to
Teach my Heart to trust anew
Guide Its path to where Light is
And show my Heart that Joy still lives

Give It strength to look inside
To battle demos that there still hide
Let My Hope fill It with courage
To help It deal with all the damage

As my Heart fills up with Light
Let It know that Hope survived
Show It warmth and care and sight
Let It see how my Life has thrived

Lend compassion for my Heart
Show that love is all around
Let It know a Lover's touch
Make It True and Sure and Right

As I lay me down to sleep...........I Hope...........