Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter's Miricales

Winter's Miracles
How easily we forget the true meaning of the time when Miracles happen
When the sky is dark and the breath is cold
We rush blindly after things that have no true meaning
As silent Miracles go unnoticed........
We bestow useless trinkets upon the ones we love
Using them as substitutes for support and care and comfort
Only to find that our hearts are left empty.
We try to fill this void with more trivial things
But our emptiness only grows deeper
Exhausted from this vicious cycle
We stop; look up into the depths of the Slow our breath, and inhaling the crisp winter's air
We begin to remember............
We remember the old stories
Of the Journey and the Struggle, and the Pain
Of the Birth and the Joy of Life
And we are filled with wonder as our daily struggles fade into the distance
Reaching out our arms and embracing the ones we Love
Extending our love to strangers
Sharing our bounty with those who have none
Our hearts open and fill with Hope, and Joy, and Peace, and Love .....
We realize that the greatest Miracle lays within us!